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AviaPOS News

When you subscribe to AviaPOS as a supplier of products or services, we take one of your marketplace lisitngs and publish it in our AviaPOS News digital magazine to proactively promote it to thousands of qualified readers that follow us. When a reader of the magazine reads your ad and clicks on the "learn more" button, he or she is taken back to your marketplace profile where they can read more about your offering or find all your addtional listings, read more about your company or contact you directly to get more information. You are also able to define the audience that you want to target by geographycal area, industry segment, or even kind of aircraft. At the end of each month you get a traffic report showing the number of readers who click in your ad allowing you to accurately calculate your cost per lead. And if you like to increase the traffic, you can buy an extension to give you one, two or three additional promotions on our magazine per month.   

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AviaPOS marketing services offer the combination of our AviaPOS Marketplace and our AviaPOS News digital magazine.  To get more information on our subscription plans, fill out the form below.   

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