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ADS-B innovation from Applied Avionics included in latest Rockwell Collins AML-STC

Fort Worth, TX: Rockwell Collins announced the release of an AML-STC which utilizes the latest ADS-B innovation from Applied Avionics. The AML-STC covers select Part 23 aircraft configured with Rockwell Collins’ popular TDR-94/94D transponders and includes the industry’s only ARINC 429 signal converter that fits inside of a standard annunciator. The VIVISUN® LED annunciator with ARINC converter responds directly to the ARINC 429 data bus and provides an ADS-B FAIL indication to the pilot eliminating the need for any additional hardware. “We are very excited to offer this cost-effective solution to the market and to support the Rockwell Collins’ Dealer Network,” says Joe Stiffler, Technical Sales with Applied Avionics.

The percentage of aircraft equipped with the mandated ADS-B Out capabilities is reportedly below expectations. “We know that integrators will face growing scheduling challenges as we move closer to the 2020 deadline,” said Jay Boyd, Marketing Director with Applied Avionics. “To help ease supply chain concerns we are stocking three common configurations of our VIVISUN ADS-B Out annunciators that are available to ship next business day, including the configuration specified in the Rockwell Collins AML-STC.”

Rockwell Collins confirms that an ADS-B AML-STC for Part 25 aircraft is scheduled for release later this year. For additional details on the Rockwell Collins ADS-B solutions, visit [].

For more information on preconfigured VIVISUN ADS-B Out Annunciators, call 1-888-848-4786 or visit the Applied Avionics website at [].

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