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Your virtual exhibit experience


* Powered by Simulocity Sim-Expo

Create your own virtual exhibitor booth with AviaPOS v-Booths. Powered by Simulocity Sim-Expo

With AviaPOS v-Booths the aviation industry is now able to create full immersible virtual reality exhibition booths that can be used to showcase or introduce new products and services all year round, 24/7.

v-Booth owners can use their booth in our virtual reality expo venue where customers can visit them at any time. v-Booth links can be sent by email so customers can go straight to the v-Booth. 

Owners can create their own events including corporate expos, seminars, and forums to exhibit their products or services in their own v-Booths. Invite customers to private educational or training sessions the way you would in a real conference room. 

There is no limit to the number of guests that can visit a v-Booth, so all customer's employees and their guests can view all the booth content.

There is no need for customers to travel around the world to visit your v-Booths. Expo expenses for visitors are practically eliminated and the virtual experience can be even better than real life expos. 

v-Booth owners can load up video clips, training manuals, promotional documentation, and offer webinars or live sessions to their visitors. Owners can chat in real time with any visitor who may have a question. 

v-Booths are accessible by any device including PC desktops, Macs, laptops, tablets or smart phones. Owners can keep them open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

v-Booths are offered in different sizes: small, medium and large. But if you need to virtualize your own venue, custom booths are available to let you create a full immersible experience for your customers. Custom design allows us to create a virtual version of your aircraft or hangar or repair shop, etc. The possibilities are endless.

AviaPOS v-Booths is a marketing service provided by AviaPOS in addition to our AviaPOS News digital magazine advertising, and AviaPOS Marketplace. For subscription information fill out the form below. With your paid subscription to AviaPOS, receive constant exposure on our AviaPOS News and a discounted price on your v-Booth.

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