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Zero emission flights to be carried out in Scotland

ZeroAvia, a developer of hydrogen-electric aircraft, has partnered with AGS Airports, the UK-based owner of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, to bring zero-emission flights to Scotland.

The two companies signed an agreement to develop the hydrogen fuel infrastructure, in addition to establishing the regulatory framework requirements and the necessary resources for the delivery of zero emission flights from Aberdeen and Glasgow airports.

According to information from Aerotime, the AGS team will work with ZeroAvia's specialized airport infrastructure group to evaluate hydrogen production opportunities, as well as to explore possible commercial routes.

Arnab Chatterjee, ZeroAvia's vice president of infrastructure, said the company has increased its work at airports in recent months to better understand operational needs and requirements for hydrogen.

“Working with the AGS team allows us to plan some of the trade routes that we will be able to support in just over two years, and to do so in the setting of a major international airport,” he said.

In the announcement, ASG Airports said that starting some routes with aircraft powered by ZeroAvia's hydrogen-electric powertrain will help the organization reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions from aircraft, in addition to reducing noise and impacts on local air quality.

At the same time, AGS will explore how hydrogen can be used to eliminate emissions in ground operations.

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