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What is the busiest airport in the world?

This is a question that can arise from the curiosity of any of us, but understanding what lies behind the busiest airport in the world is something interesting.

Taking into consideration the number of passengers that attend month to month, there are airports that transport millions of people, for example 4,552,931, which means an average of 151,764 users per day. This is the figure that places Hartsfield Jackson International airport (ATL), in the first place.

Although this number is impressive on its own, reality is that this busy airport remains below its operational capacity. Compared to March 2019, the difference is 16.4% down.

This phenomenon extends around the world and has to do with the restrictions of the pandemic. Only a few airports are recovering their capacity, as is the case of Delhi, Miami, and Denver. Beijing remains the airport with the lowest occupancy, only using its capacity at 49% compared to March 2019.

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