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Vistara restores pilot pay to pre-pandemic levels

The pandemic is being left behind and with it the economic damage caused. Although the reality is that the industry has a long way to go to recover, there are companies that are optimistic and begin to take actions that benefit their employees. This is the case of Vistara, which has allowed its pilots to recuperate their pre-pandemic salary.

Sharing that the recovery is still slow, they have made it clear that these types of measures are essential not only to ensure the well-being of their pilots, but of the industry itself."

In March, I wrote to you about the recovery of the industry that we were observing and the hope that it would be sustained. It appears that this has been the case."

These are the words of Hamish Maxwell, Senior Vice President - Flight Operations at Vistara.

Hopefully more airlines follow this path and it becomes a way to deal with the remnants of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

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