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Uniting in Crisis: US Airlines Rally to Support Maui Wildfire Disaster Relief

As Hawaii struggles to recover from the devastating wildfires on the island of Maui, US airlines are joining forces to provide support in the catastrophe and relief efforts.

Airlines for America (A4A) reported that over 150 backup flights have been implemented to evacuate survivors from the island and transport them to safety.

A4A member airlines are offering greater flexibility to travelers whose flight plans have been disrupted by the wildfires. Measures include travel waivers to and from Kahului Airport, Maui.

Alaska Airlines has transported water, non-perishable food, blankets, and baby formula to communities on the west side of Maui.

In collaboration with local officials and community leaders, Alaska employees on Maui have made multiple deliveries to areas like Lāhainā, Olowalu, and Napili-Honokōwai.

Despite not operating regular inter-island flights in Hawaii, the airline has introduced two special evacuation flights between Maui and O'ahu and to deliver supplies and facilitate the movement of residents and visitors.

In a notable gesture, the Alaska Airlines Foundation, along with its employees and the company's matching donation program, has committed to donating nearly $100,000 to Kāko'o Maui through the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA).

This organization is dedicated to improving the cultural, economic, political, and community development of native Hawaiians. The funds raised will directly support organizations in Maui working on relief efforts.

Additionally, Alaska Airlines has donated 5 million miles to Kanu Hawaiʻi and Maui Rapid Response to assist in relocating displaced Maui residents while they work on rebuilding what was lost.

In the spirit of collaboration, American Airlines has also played a key role in the Maui evacuation, adding additional flights on larger aircraft to provide seats for evacuees.

American has operated 21 flights from Kahului, evacuating over 4,200 people from the island.

In partnership with the Red Cross and benefiting AAdvantage program members, American has established a system where for every dollar donated (with a minimum of $25), 10 AAdvantage bonus miles are awarded.

American Airlines' collaboration extends to organizations like Feeding America and Baby 2 Baby, to whom they are sending essential supplies such as non-perishable food, baby food, diapers, and feminine hygiene products.

To offer greater flexibility to their customers, American has issued a travel alert allowing those affected to change their flight plans.

Delta has contributed $250,000 to the American Red Cross to support disaster response and relief operations in Maui and other areas of Hawaii.

Delta customers can support the cause through the Delta Customer Microsite in partnership with the Red Cross. Delta employees in Maui have also been assisting evacuees at the airport, providing food and essential services.

In line with its commitment, Delta has sent toiletries, bottled water, and food supplies, contributing to immediate relief and evacuation efforts.

Through its supported non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, Direct Relief, Team Rubicon, and World Central Kitchen, FedEx is actively participating in relief efforts in Maui. These organizations are assessing the situation in affected areas and providing assistance, including critical medical supplies.

Hawaiian Airlines has also provided support in evacuation efforts, adding additional flights from Kahului to Honolulu. As of August 11, Hawaiian had transported over 12,500 people out of Maui.

In addition to passenger transport, the airline has carried essential cargo and donated supplies for evacuees at Kahului Airport. Hawaiian Airlines has partnered with the Hawaii Foodbank and Maui Foodbank for food collection and distribution, contributing $150,000 to support these organizations' relief efforts.

To provide more effective support, Hawaiian has established the Mālama Maui Desk to coordinate aid requests. They have also announced a collaboration in a charity concert called "Maui Ola: A benefit concert for Maui," which aims to raise funds for the cause.

Southwest Airlines has added daily service across the Pacific and within the state, transporting people, pets, and essential supplies in response to the Maui wildfires. The airline has collaborated with Hawaii law enforcement and local fire agencies to provide vital transportation.

United Airlines has also provided assistance, transporting over 11,000 people out of the island and ferrying response teams from organizations like the American Red Cross, Air Link, and World Central Kitchen. In partnership with the Red Cross, United has sent supplies such as cleaning kits and provisioning packages to shelters.

The joint efforts of these US airlines are demonstrating remarkable solidarity in responding to the Maui wildfires, providing essential aid to the affected community.

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