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Unique experience! Mother and daughter fly a Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717

Recently a story on a Hawaiian Airlines flight unfolded with great joy, and it is that mother and daughter had the opportunity to fly together on a Boeing 717, equipment that is part of the airline's fleet and that will still keep it in operations. They are Captain Anaseini “Kamelia” (Lino) Zarkay and First Officer Maria Zarka, who made a flight between the islands and that will surely be an experience they will never forget. In fact Maria's mother was the first woman in Tonga in 1999 to become a Captain of a commercial airliner. After this experience, First Officer Maria Zarka said that "obviously she knows her as a mother, but not as a Captain", however the flight went excellent and she said she was very happy to work and learn from her in the world of aviation. This family story may not end here, since Kamelia's other daughter, named Kaimana, will soon graduate from the Pilot Academy and is ready to receive her Commercial Pilot license; he will surely be flying for the Hawaiian airline.

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