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Then There Were 2: Transatlantic Boeing 757 Operations In 2022

The Boeing 757 has historically played an important role in connecting North America to Europe, but its days are numbered. Between November 2021 and September 2022, only Icelandair and United plan to use the aging aircraft in this role. As a result, the 757 has just 4.5% of scheduled flights across the North Atlantic in this period.

No Delta 757s across the North Atlantic

Unlike in 2021, Delta currently plans no 757 routes to Europe, although this may change. This year, it has operated Boston, New York JFK, and Minneapolis to Keflavik, while early in 2021 it had planned to operate JFK to Lisbon and Edinburgh with the narrowbody.

Looking ahead, Boston and Minneapolis to Iceland aren’t bookable, while the remaining three are scheduled by the B767-300ER. JFK to Edinburgh, for example, restarted in May 2016 and ended in March 2020. It’ll resume in March 2022 using 226-seat 767s, with 26 in Delta One, 35 in Comfort+, and 165 in the main cabin.

Eight 757 routes for Icelandair

Eight routes are scheduled to see Icelandair’s B757s between November and September, as follows, based on Cirium data. Are all by its 184-seat B757-200s, with no US or Canada flights expected by its larger, 225-seat B757-300s. Anchorage stands out. First launched in 2013, the 2,940 nautical mile route will operate twice-weekly from May 15th and be exclusively by the 757.

  1. Anchorage

  2. Denver

  3. Orlando

  4. Portland

  5. Seattle

  6. Toronto

  7. Vancouver

  8. Washington Dulles

Dulles is down to see the narrowbody only in April and May. Through the winter, Washington will see the MAX 8, although the larger MAX 9 is scheduled on a small number of occasions.


Then it’ll be the turn of the 757 in April and May, followed by the B767-300ER on the core, once-daily peak-summer service. Supplementing the widebody will be an additional three weekly flights in the peak by MAX 8s.

United to use the 757 on 13 European routes

United, the USA’s fourth-largest airline this year, plans to use the 757 on 13 European routes. This is just three routes fewer than between November 2018 to September 2019, the last ‘normal’ equivalent period.

These 13 routes, detailed below, will begin in February 2022. Washington to Dublin is first up, resuming on February 17th. It’ll initially be five-weekly and rise to seven-weekly in late March. Come June and throughout the rest of the summer, United expects 403 outbound 757 flights each month, with all 13 routes seeing a seven-weekly service.

  • Chicago to Dublin

  • Chicago to Edinburgh

  • Chicago to Keflavik

  • Newark to Edinburgh

  • Newark to Porto

  • Newark to Keflavik

  • Newark to Shannon

  • Newark to Stockholm

  • Washington to Dublin

  • Washington to Edinburgh

  • Washington to Lisbon

  • Washington to London Heathrow

  • Washington to Madrid

Have you flown the 757 or any other narrowbody across the between the two continents?

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