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The reasons behind two FedEx plane crashes

1997 and 2009 marked the famous international shipping company with two black days. In both cases the ND-11F cargo planes were involved in accidents separated by only a period of 12 years.

Both cases occurred after presenting a hard landing. The first being in Japan, at Narita International Airport (NRT), where two pilots were also lost along with the plane, and the second at Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) in New Jersey. In this last case the plane was also a total loss but the pilots managed to survive.

According to the record, the problem in the Newark crash was caused by failures in the braking system along with problems in the left engine.

In the case of the flight to Japan, the wind played against it, which affected the ability to maneuver during landing, forcing a hard landing in which the aircraft bounced three times against the pavement, with the nose gear being the first to impact, generating the tragic outcome.

For both cases, there were investigations that included deductions such as blaming one of the accidents on an over control of the plane by the captain. Apart from these cases, FeDeX has paid great attention to its training programs for new pilots as well as the implementation of more forceful security measures.

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