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The Mountain Air Airport, one of the most beautiful airports in the world

The Mountain Air Airport one of the most beautiful private airports in the world and is located just over 9 miles from the city of Burnsville North Carolina, where several general aviation aircraft are based in this complex. It has an elevation of 4,432 feet and features a 14-32 asphalt runway with a 2,900 x 50-foot spread.

The airport, despite being relatively small, has extensive facilities and first-world amenities such as a golf course, tennis courts and even cabins where guests can stay with beautiful views in the middle of nature, surrounded by flora and fauna.

In terms of navigation and frequencies, Burnsville Airport consists of the SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN VORTAC radio navigation aids (VOR) with frequency 112.20, SNOWBIRD VORTAC with frequency 108.80 and the HOLSTON MOUNTAIN VORTAC with frequency 114.60.

Being directly over the mountains of Burnsville, its topography is quite uneven, with many slopes, so its landings are usually complex in such a way that only the most experienced pilots can carry out the necessary maneuvers for the operation. However this makes it quite attractive to the aeronautical community, which mixes its beauty and complexity in one place.

The owner of the airport is Mountain Air Airport Facility Inc who handles all administrative matters. It has an average of 140 operations per year, of which 89% is general or civil traffic and 11% military.

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