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The Metaverse reaches the world of aviation via Vueling

Virtual reality has become a topic that grabs headlines and that invites us to immerse ourselves in digital worlds where everything is possible. This, hand in hand with NFTs is giving way to a true revolution in the markets.

The aviation industry is also joining this wave and doing so through a ticket purchase experience through the Metaverse.

The company behind this project is Vueling, the Spanish low-cost airline, which has seen an enormous opportunity in this type of technology and is already developing an immersive experience that will allow its customers to purchase their tickets in the Metaverse. But not only that, they will also be able to discover the different destinations available, learn more about sustainable energy and, of course, plan their trips.

The strategy will be based on taking advantage of technology as well as visual environments, according to Jesus Monzo, Distribution Strategy, and Manager of Vueling.

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