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The largest plane in the world has another 130 records

Today we are going to talk about the Antonov An-225, considered the largest plane in the world and that in addition to that record, has a hundred more.

Certified in May 2001, the Antonov Airlines An-225 was destined to attract attention not only when crossing the vast sky but also in each airport where it cloud have been seen, due to its enormous size. This allowed it to work with configurations in which it can carry up to 640 tons, which has led it to be part of important missions. One of the Guinness records he holds is for carrying the heaviest load in one piece weighing 264,555 lbs from Germany to India.

Perhaps the most notorious thing about this impressive aircraft is its farewell to the skies, since it has been one of the casualties resulting from the declared war between Russia and Ukraine.

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