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The first 777X will be delivered in 2025

The expectation of the 777X has been heated as well as the delays for its deliveries. Boeing, the company behind this launch, knows this very well and has announced a new delivery date with prospecting for 2025.

This announcement accompanies the delivery of results for Q1 2022. Originally the delivery of the 777X program was planned for 2020, so the delay is very considerable, one of the main reasons being the challenge of certification.

Although Boeing has already started manufacturing the units, companies interested in them or that have already ordered them, will have to wait a little longer.

"To minimize inventory and the number of airplanes requiring change incorporation, the 777-9 production rate ramp is being adjusted, including a temporary pause through 2023. This will result in approximately $1.5 billion of abnormal costs beginning in the second quarter of this year and continuing until 777-9 production resumes."

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