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The famous plane inspired by Star Wars will be retired

The BB-8-like Boeing 787, inspired by the popular Star Wars saga and which has been in the air since 2010, will be retired at the end of March.

With only 12 years of career, this relatively young aircraft joins the list of units that will no longer be part of the All Nippon Airways (ANA) fleet. This is due to the great economic burden that the operation of the company entails, which was greatly affected by covid and the operating costs imposed in the nation.

The popular plane, characterized as the adorable BB-8 robot, has traveled around the world, not only literally on its route from Tokyo to Chicago, but through enthusiasts who have flooded social media with images.

Some of the restrictions that ended up drowning the company was allowing only 7,000 travelers per day and only for verifiable study or work purposes.

In a galaxy not so far away, ANA's objective is to restructure its operating plan and to seek economic activation together with the recovery of the industry.

A sad day for Star Wars fans who will no longer see BB-8 soar through the skies.

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