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The FAA approves the resumption of deliveries of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorized Boeing on Friday to resume deliveries of its 787 Dreamliner next week, after the manufacturer addressed recent concerns raised by the agency. The FAA halted 787 deliveries on February 23 due to a data analysis error, which Boeing found after reviewing certification records. The agency stated that Boeing had resolved these issues, Reuters reported. Boeing said it had completed the necessary analysis to confirm that the aircraft meets the requirements and will not require new production or fleet measures to meet FAA standards. “The FAA will determine when ticketing and 787 deliveries will resume, and we are working with our customers on delivery timelines,” Boeing stated. The latest bump in the Dreamliner schedule came just months after the FAA approved Boeing to resume 787 deliveries after a year-long hiatus due to production quality issues. Boeing claimed that the data analysis error found in February was unrelated to previous quality issues. The company continued with the production of the Dreamliner while it carried out the necessary analyzes to correct the discrepancy.

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