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The Embraer and Boeing Story

In April 2020, official news had broke out that Boeing's planned purchase of Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer's commercial aviation arm, had fizzled out.

The vastly reported acquisition was already well on its way, with the new company even baptized with a new name, Boeing Brasil. But Covid was rampaging its destructive ways into the aviation world, so Boeing's purchase intentions was becoming chillier. It ended with the US planemaker finally cancelling its plans to buy the Brazilian company.

This decision reared its ugly horns on Embraer in the months that followed wherein aircraft deliveries were dropped and the company had to lay off 900 employees (4.5 percent of the workforce). But Boeing was not to be blamed because the pandemic had made many major business decisions around the world fall by the wayside.

Embraer decided to look at the positive angle of the unfolding events.

Embraer reintegrates Commercial Aviation after the Boeing sale fail. Various IT systems and processes were reintegrated which enabled the planemaker to be more flexible and efficient in the future. There are also plans for a new turboprop with easy adaptation for hydrogen. A new family of aircraft called Energia is also being developed towards the expectation of a lower carbon future.

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