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The Antonov An-225 will be available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Great news has just occurred, after the manufacturer Antonov and Microsoft will reach a license agreement in which all Virtual Pilots will be able to fly the famous Antonov An-225 “Dream” flight simulator. Now in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, you will be able to fly the plane with a very realistic feeling since Antonov participated very actively in the development of the virtual plane as an add-on "DP Antonov", which may be available for the platforms from next 27th of February, a few days before the one year anniversary of the destruction of the world's largest plane by Russian forces. The famous commander of the Antonov An-225, Dimitry Antonov, was able to test the new simulator, and said that the high level of professionalism is sensational while also taking part in the development so that the user can feel what it is like to fly the largest aircraft in the world. . In this regard, Captain Dimitry Antonov said: "Today I am happy to welcome you aboard the world's largest transport aircraft An-225 “Dream” in Microsoft Flight Simulator! We are very grateful to everyone who is helping us in the recovery of this glorious giant. I sincerely wish Let them enjoy the beautiful and unique sensation of flight, when a powerful and incomparable bird comes to life in their hands, which feels so beautiful, light and graceful in the sky. Be brave like Ukraine! Mriya is coming! we will restore together!”

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