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The Aermacchi M-346 reaches 100,000 flight hours

During the Aermacchi M-346 Joint User Group event organized by the Polish Air Force in Warsaw on November 30, Leonardo celebrated that the global fleet of M-346 advanced trainer aircraft reached 100,000 flight hours. Leonardo has been contracted to deliver more than 100 M-346 aircraft to major international air forces, including those of Italy, Israel, Poland, Singapore, Qatar and Greece. The M-346 is also the backbone of the Italian Air Force and Leonardo's International Flight Training School (IFTS), where pilots from countries such as Japan, Germany, Qatar and Singapore are trained today. The future for the M-346 is bright, with more air forces choosing it for advanced training and opting for the multirole Fighter Attack variant of the aircraft to enable cost-effective combat operations. "We are very proud to celebrate this important milestone, achieved by M-346 aircraft in service with the Air Forces of Italy, Israel, Singapore, Poland, Qatar and the Italian-based International Flight Training School, a joint initiative between the Italian Air Force and Leonardo in collaboration with CAE With 85 aircraft in service and 100,000 flight hours, the cutting-edge M-346 has cemented its position as the world's best advanced trainer for today's and tomorrow's fighter pilots ”.

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