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Thailand's Game-Changing Leap in High-Resolution Geostrategic Information with THEOS-2 Satellite

In a momentous stride toward advancing its geostrategic capabilities, Thailand has soared into the exclusive league of nations with access to high-resolution geostrategic information through the triumphant launch of THEOS-2, an advanced Earth observation satellite crafted by aerospace giant Airbus. This achievement marked a historic moment as THEOS-2 embarked on its journey from the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana, reaffirming Thailand's commitment to technological innovation and geo-information excellence.

The selection of Airbus as the partner for Thailand's next-generation national geoinformation system in 2018 has yielded remarkable results. Jean-Marc Nasr, the Head of Space Systems at Airbus, proudly declared that the launch, featuring imagery with a remarkable 50 cm resolution, positions Thailand as one of the select few nations with access to high-resolution geostrategic information.

This monumental milestone further underscores Thailand's dedication to supporting the goals of the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Gistda) in establishing a comprehensive geoinformation system that will undeniably benefit the nation.

THEOS-2 follows the legacy of its predecessor, THEOS-1, also built by Airbus and launched in 2008, which continues to provide invaluable imagery even beyond its anticipated 10-year operational life.

Under the ambit of the THEOS-2 program, Gistda's geoinformation system is set to gain significantly from satellite imagery collected by Airbus's extensive Earth observation satellite constellation, including Pléiades and TerraSAR-X.

This visionary contract encompasses not only the primary satellite but also the groundbreaking THEOS-2 SmallSAT, a collaboration with SSTL, an Airbus subsidiary. This comprehensive program also fosters a capacity development initiative, engaging Thai engineers in various facets such as application development, ground segment operations, and the development of the SmallSAT itself.

The imagery captured by THEOS-2 is poised to be the linchpin of Gistda's future Thai Earth observation system, playing a pivotal role in a wide array of essential functions, from social and security management to urban and economic corridor oversight, and the sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems.

The successful launch of THEOS-2 cements Thailand's position as a leader in the realm of geoinformation and geostrategic capabilities, underlining the nation's unwavering commitment to harnessing space technology for the betterment of society, environment, and national interests.

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