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Textron eAviation's Nexus eVTOL Progresses with Wind Tunnel Validation

Textron eAviation has recently announced the commencement of wind tunnel tests to support the development of its versatile electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the Nexus.

The primary objective of these tests is to validate the performance, stability, and control of the vehicle's design, confirming the preliminary configuration, range, and speed estimates.

Additionally, they will assess the rotor interaction with the vehicle's aerodynamics in all flight phases, including takeoff and landing, transition, and cruise flight.

"This marks a significant milestone for the Nexus as it allows us to calibrate our simulations and validate our design, taking into account the operational economy demanded by our customers and complying with rigorous safety standards set by global regulators," confirmed Rob Scholl, President, and CEO of Textron eAviation.

He further stated that while eVTOLs feature unique configurations concerning their layout and number of rotors, Textron eAviation is leveraging the extensive experience gained from programs such as the Bell V22 and V28. "The data and insights obtained from these wind tunnel tests will enable us to further refine our models and designs to create a viable and leading eVTOL aircraft."

The tests are being conducted on a 23% scale model to evaluate the rotors at all conversion angles and power levels, drawing upon Textron's decades of experience in testing products with tilting rotors, turboprops, and jet aircraft.

Furthermore, they provide immediate insights related to tail size, motor power requirements, transition strategies, net thrust in hover flight, and aerodynamic resistance, paving the way towards meeting final certification standards.

The wind tunnel tests represent a significant step forward in Textron eAviation's commitment to advancing aviation innovation, as they bring the Nexus eVTOL closer to reality. By incorporating the knowledge gained from these tests, the company aims to create a cutting-edge eVTOL aircraft that can revolutionize urban air mobility and transportation. As the aerospace industry continues to evolve, the Nexus eVTOL holds the potential to transform the way we think about transportation, opening up new possibilities for efficient and sustainable aerial travel.

The ongoing wind tunnel tests are a testament to Textron eAviation's dedication to ensuring the utmost safety, performance, and reliability of their innovative aircraft, driving progress in the future of aviation technology.

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