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Textron Aviation and NetJets Forge a Historic Partnership for Cessna Citation Aircraft

In an aviation industry milestone, Textron Aviation and NetJets have come together to create an unprecedented agreement that is poised to reshape the future of private aviation. This landmark deal grants NetJets the remarkable option of acquiring up to 1,500 Cessna Citation aircraft over the course of 15 years, strengthening the bond between these two aviation powerhouses and igniting excitement throughout the industry.

What sets this collaboration apart is not merely the acquisition of existing aircraft but the designation of NetJets as the leading launch customer for Textron Aviation's latest masterpiece: the Citation Ascend. The first deliveries of this cutting-edge model are projected to take flight in 2025, marking a significant leap forward in aviation technology and luxury.

The Cessna Citation series has been an enduring symbol of excellence in executive aviation since its inception in 1972. With a legacy that spans nearly five decades, the Citation family has introduced over 30 distinct models that have met the diverse needs of the business world. Presently, six models are in active production, with the Ascend nearing the final stages of development—a testament to Textron Aviation's commitment to innovation.

Executive Insights:

Ron Draper, the guiding force behind Textron Aviation, expressed his enthusiasm for expanding the partnership with NetJets. He emphasized the deep trust that NetJets has placed in the Citation line and the high expectations surrounding the Ascend model.

Doug Henneberry, representing NetJets, acknowledged Textron Aviation as a trusted and strategic partner. He underscored the Ascend's potential, particularly for owners who seek a harmonious blend of efficiency and performance in their private aviation experience.

This groundbreaking agreement not only reaffirms the enduring legacy of the Cessna Citation series but also signals a new era of innovation and collaboration within the aviation industry.

With NetJets at the forefront as the launch customer for the Citation Ascend, the future of private aviation is destined for greatness, setting new standards for efficiency, luxury, and excellence in the skies. The aviation world eagerly anticipates the first flight of this remarkable aircraft in 2025, poised to redefine the boundaries of executive travel.

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