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Startical will launch a satellite for voice communication at the end of 2022

Startical, the latest technology in terms of voice communications between pilots and controllers using satellite technology, and which is based on the launch of a constellation of nanosatellites in order to control global air traffic, with the participation of ENAIRE and Indra, is preparing its takeoff.

Within the framework of the World ATM Congress held in Madrid, Juanjo Cornejo, Director of international relations development at Startical, has given us an advance on the main novelties of this important project, which will facilitate communications with limited or non-existent coverage in remote areas, and which limit air operations.

Startical has signed an agreement, to carry out satellite communication tests between pilots and air traffic controllers, with the service provider of Singapore (CAAS), and the Office of Technology and Space Industry of the Economic Development Council (OSTIn).

The launch of the first satellite will be at the end of the year from the United States, after which two additional satellites will be launched to carry out operational tests, where it is hoped that a plane can have voice communications between pilots and controllers using satellite technology.

In addition, the director of development specified that this project is specifically designed for air traffic, meeting ICAO requirements, and achieving a very significant improvement in safety.

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