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Select Airbus to Sogitec for training simulators

The Sogitec company won the tender for the supply of training material for the French Guépard, the Joint Light Helicopter (JLH). Sogitec was notified by Airbus Helicopters of the contract for simulators for the training of Guépard crews for the French Army, French Navy and French Air Force. According to information from Gbp, André Piaton, CEO of Sogitec, was happy with this notification, so he promised to provide the most advanced training resources to support his activity and contribute to the success of all missions. The first batch includes the delivery of four Flight Training Device (FTD) simulators based on Sogitec's MRTD concept, in the three customer versions: ground, sea and air. Sogitec will deliver each simulator with its own building to the four customer sites in question, starting with Le Luc in 2027, Etain and Hyères in 2029, and Villacoublay in 2030. Sogitec will also develop a Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) for the benefit of the French Air Force. This firm lot also includes an operational maintenance period of 10 years from the delivery of the first system. The contract includes a conditional lot for the delivery of three MRTDs to Lanvéoc and Pau in 2030 and Orange in 2033, plus two additional CPTs. The Joint Light Helicopter program aims to equip the three French armed forces with a single helicopter model based on the H160 platform in a militarized version (H160M). Known as "Guépard", this helicopter will replace five different models that are in service with the forces, including the Gazelle, Alouette III, Dauphin, Panther, Fennec.

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