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Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X: Revolutionizing Jet Engines for Executive Aircraft

British jet engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce is preparing to begin flight tests of its new Pearl 10X engine on its test bed, a Boeing 747, after successfully completing ground tests, confirming the reliability and performance expected by the manufacturer.

The new Pearl 10X was specifically developed for the new Dassault Falcon 10X, with a maximum static thrust of 18,250 pounds, making it the most powerful engine in the Pearl family for executive aircraft. Ground tests included low emissions, the new combustor designed for this engine, and the new gear case that allows for increased power extraction.

Just a few months ago, the engine completed its first full run, including its mounting system and the nacelle manufactured by Spirit AeroSystems. Rolls-Royce states that the new 10X engine exceeded its power target levels from the first run, and the program is on schedule as the new Falcon 10X is also on track to begin operations in 2025. In addition to the Falcon 10X, the Pearl engine family was selected by Bombardier and Gulfstream for their new long-range jets. The Pearl 15 is already in operation with the Bombardier Global 5500 and 6500, while the Pearl 700 version was chosen by Gulfstream for the new G700 and G800 models, expected to enter service later this year.

The Rolls-Royce Pearl family is currently the most advanced engine for executive aircraft and offers low fuel consumption on long-distance flights. The Pearl 700 has been in service since 2019 and represents the second evolution of the Advance2 demonstrator program, following the introduction of the Pearl 15 for the Global 5500/6500. The Pearl 700 delivers 8% more power and 5% lower fuel consumption compared to the BR750 it replaced.

The mission of the new 10X engine will be to power the Falcon 10X, not only Dassault's largest aircraft with a length of 33.4 meters and a wingspan of 33.6 meters with carbon fiber wings but also the aircraft with the longest range at 7,500 nautical miles (13,900 km), largely thanks to the low fuel consumption of the Pearl 10X engine. The engine features a titanium fan, a 10-stage high-pressure compressor with a 2-stage high-pressure turbine, and a 4-stage low-pressure turbine.

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