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Olympus Airways Boeing 757s to be retired

The well-known Greek airline Olympus Airways is in the news by announcing that it will retire its two Boeing 757-200PCFs as it has decided to opt for the 737-800.

The two retired 757s were acquired under lease from Airwork.

The aircraft joined the fleet in December 2019 and July 2020 respectively. Prior to this agreement, the 757-200s were used as passenger aircraft for a total of 20 years at America Airlines. Both ships began their career in the 1990s, specifically in 1992. In their original configuration, they offered accommodation for 188 passengers, 166 in economy class and 22 in business class.

Today they are 30 years old and have been stored since September and December of last year, respectively.

Although it has been announced that the Olympus search is for the Boeing 737-800, no further details of any existing operation have been shared.

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