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Norwegian and Norsk e-Fuel Team Up to Accelerate Availability of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Norwegian has announced a historic partnership with Norsk e-Fuel to build the world's first large-scale e-fuel plant in Mosjoen, Norway. The goal is to produce sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), marking a significant milestone towards Norwegian's aim of reducing emissions by 45% by 2030.

The strategic partnership agreement will ensure the long-term purchase of SAF and a stake in the company's capital. Both companies will contribute to accelerating the production and availability of SAF, promoting a more sustainable aviation industry. The detailed agreement is expected to be concluded in the coming months.

"We are moving forward with Norway towards the future. Our industry contributes to creating significant social and economic value, and we are committed to significantly reducing our climate impact by harnessing technological advancements in aviation fuel," said Geir Karlsen, CEO of Norwegian.

The aim is to begin producing e-fuels in Mosjoen, northern Norway, in 2026. The partnership with Norsk e-Fuel is expected to secure approximately 20% of Norwegian's total SAF demand until 2030.

This will be the world's first large-scale e-fuel production plant. The area has some of Europe's lowest electricity prices, as well as stable access to renewable energy from hydropower plants.

"Electric fuels can change the aviation game. The partnership with Norsk e-Fuel is a historic agreement for Norwegian, but also a milestone for aviation in Norway. It helps us to get closer to the promise we have made to our customers. We want everyone to be able to fly sustainably," said Karlsen.

In addition, Norwegian will invest more than 50 million Norwegian kroner in a minority stake in the company, which will positively impact the European aviation industry's net zero CO2 emissions target for 2050.

"Sustainable aviation fuels need to be more widely available and less expensive. For this to become a reality, the aviation industry relies on collaboration with public authorities to close the price gap between fossil fuels and e-fuels," Karlsen added.

Norsk e-Fuel aims to accelerate the industrialization of SAF production, starting with northern Norway. The Norwegian project promoter is backed by a strong group of shareholders consisting of technology pioneers and industrial experts.

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