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NFT Flight tickets, an increasingly closer reality

The world of cryptocurrencies came to revolutionize everything and its derivatives are no exception. This is the case of NFTs, unique tokens that offer great advantages such as traceability, permeability against fraud and accessibility.

Currently NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens have become part of endless discussions as they have transformed the art world, selling for millions of dollars, but why all the fuss? Because these items are 100% digital. We are talking about digital images that goes for millions.

The aviation industry cannot be left behind and the first companies willing to implement these technologies are beginning to appear. Air Europe is one of them and its sights are set on the route that goes to Miami to make it the first to issue tickets with NFT technology.

The first step has been a collaboration with the TravelX and Algorand platforms to offer an "NFticket" with crypto art.

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