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New flights from Mexico City will be forced to a new airport

The current government in Mexico is behind Mexico City's new airport, the Felipe Angeles International Airport. A space that since its origins has been surrounded by controversy and a few months after it was officially inaugurated, its flight rates are very low.

In an effort to reverse the situation, the authorities and the airlines have reached an agreement that establishes that the current Benito Juarez International Airport will not accept new routes and, if this is the case, they will have to be implemented at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (NLU).

This, along with other changes, will seek to increase the offer of flights at the new airport and companies such as Aeroméxico have already announced their plans, in their case, to reach 30 daily operations before August 2022.

Viva Aerobus is another of the airlines that joins with a plan to launch five new routes from NLU.This will help reduce the operational load in MEX seeking to reduce from 60 operations per hour, to a maximum of 50.

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