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New Chief Announced for Boeing Business Jets

The important position will be filled by aviation industry veteran Erika Pearson, who has shown herself ready and willing to take on the challenge and help BBJ grow.

Just a couple of days after assuming this role, the position of President of the subdivision, Erika Pearson has already been officially presented at the EBACE 2022 pre-show in Geneva.

The relationship between Pearson and Boeing is not new, as she has previously served in roles as commercial sales director, specifically in the Asia-Pacific region, which allowed her to manage brands such as Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, and Fiji Airways.

The working relationship between Pearson and Boeing dates back to 1993 and as far as we know, it will continue to grow in collaboration agreements and growth.

In the months and years to come, we will be able to witness the impact this new announcement will have on Boeing and its Boeing Business Jets division.

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