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New agreement between United Airlines and ALPA

Under the agreement to offer better payments by United Airlines to its pilots, the dialogue that was being worked on with ALPA union amid pilot shortage has been achieved.

The new terms have been recorded in a new contract that will serve as the basis for its pilots. This is the result of the pandemic and how it affected not only the performance of airlines, but also a drop in talent. United Airlines thus becomes the first American company to reach new agreements and it is expected that other brands will join in this work.

Although the new conditions have not been made public, it is believed that the improvements are not only reflected in the level of payments but also in better working conditions.

“United Airlines was the only airline to work with our pilots union to reach an agreement during COVID. It’s not surprising that we are now the first airline to get an Agreement in Principle for an industry-leading new pilot contract.”

Shared Scott Kirby CEO of United Airlines in a LinkedIn post.

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