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Navigating London Heathrow Made Easy: British Airways' New Digital Wayfinding Tool

British Airways has announced that this summer it will be testing a new digital wayfinding technology to assist customers traveling through terminals 5 and 3 at London's Heathrow Airport.

The new smartphone app provides maps of both terminals, helping customers navigate the airline's hub by locating their boarding gates and points of interest such as shops, lounges, and restaurants.

Moreover, it empowers customers to navigate the airport with greater confidence, saving time and reducing the likelihood of missing their flights. The app offers clear directions and information about the airport layout, ensuring customers have a smoother experience at London Heathrow.

Through an interactive map, customers can click on areas of interest, including shops, and obtain information about location, opening hours, and item descriptions for purchase. It also allows easy locating of restrooms, resting areas, and information points.

Hence, customers making flight connections can input their arrival and connection flight details and receive step-by-step instructions, along with an animated map, on how to get from the arrival gate, through flight connections, to their departure gate for the connecting flight.

Pilot testing began last June, and the app is now available for all customers traveling through London Heathrow. They can access the tool through QR codes on digital screens at London Heathrow or by visiting the website.

As part of the testing, wayfinding links have also been sent to all customers traveling to London Heathrow and connecting from destinations like New York JFK, Dubai, Mexico City, Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth, and Houston.

"We always want to make traveling through the airport as easy as possible for our customers, so we are thrilled to be testing a new wayfinding tool this summer. The interactive map is user-friendly and allows our customers to easily locate their boarding gates and discover nearby restaurants and shops for last-minute duty-free shopping and, for eligible customers, our VIP lounges. Of course, our fantastic colleagues will still be on hand to assist as well," said Calum Laming, British Airways' Director of Customer Experience.

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