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More than 8,000 new business jets will be delivered in the next few years

According to the 31st edition of the Global Business Aviation Outlook report, Honeywell forecasts that at least 8,500 new corporate jet deliveries will be delivered between 2023 and 2032 with an estimated value of $247 billion. This represents a 15% increase in deliveries and expenses over the same 10-year forecast, compared to 2021. The data provided through a survey carried out by Honeywell, estimates that this year 2022 the purchase plans for new aircraft are on par with the levels of 2019 -before the pandemic- which generates a great result and growth in the corporate industry. According to Honeywell, Concerns about exposure to pathogens and reduced premium class services from commercial airlines have helped fuel recent growth in business and private aviation. The Honeywell survey considered responses from business aircraft owners who made their first-time purchases in 2020 and from operators recruiting first-time private aviation users. In this regard, the President of Honeywell Aerospace, Americas Aftermarket, Heath Patrick, said: The business aviation industry is benefiting greatly from a surge of first-time users and buyers due, in part, to changing habits brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The business aviation sector is expected to recover to 2019 delivery and spend levels by 2023, which is much sooner than previously anticipated. Demand for new business jets is as high as we saw in 2015, and we expect this upward trend to continue for several years."

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