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Mexican market, priority for Flapper

The Flapper airline announced an investment of close to 6 million dollars, which complements the amount raised in 2021 for 2 million dollars, which will be used for investments in technology, flight operations and even aircraft acquisitions. The Latin American on-demand private aviation company explained that as part of its expansion, it plans to direct part of these resources to a fractional administration program that will allow current and future aircraft owners to buy shares in selected jets and turboprops, which Flapper would operate. He added that the company seeks to consolidate its leadership with innovative programs, developed in close collaboration with operator partners. Through its application, Flapper customers can currently quote services on around 1,150 aircraft that are available on its platform, for charter flights or to reserve seats on previously scheduled flights. For his part, Oscar Decotelli, CEO of DXA, Flapper's main investor, asserted that private aviation in Latin America is a stable and high-performance sector that is currently underserved from the customer's point of view. Flapper reported that he also shares the commitment to greener business aviation. In order to promote the incorporation of all-electric aircraft into urban and regional air mobility, the company has signed letters of intent with various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The commitments consider conventional fixed-wing aircraft (MagniX), as well as electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) and electric short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft programs, such as Electra, Jaunt Mobility , and a subsidiary of Embraer, called Eve Mobility. The CEO of Flapper is on Eve's advisory board. Previously, through the operation of a $40 million infrastructure fund, Arien Energy Ventures is evaluating investments in various ports in the region to be used by Flapper. Flapper estimates that the current market for charter flights in Latin America hovers around 2 trillion dollars and the global market exceeds 10 trillion or more. Mexico is one of the largest markets in terms of private aviation, it is the third country with the largest fleet of aircraft in the world and with its arrival in the country, it is expected to become as important as it is in Brazil, the country where Flapper has more operations.

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