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mbraer and GKN Aerospace Join Forces for a Sustainable Aviation Future

Embraer and GKN Aerospace, leaders in the aerospace industry, have announced a collaboration agreement in cutting-edge hydrogen technology development programs.

The partnership aims to accelerate the implementation of these new technologies in aviation, reducing emissions and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Both companies will leverage their extensive experience and resources to actively support the development of innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology and optimize the integration of fuselage systems. GKN Aerospace is at the forefront of groundbreaking hydrogen collaboration programs in the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

"The sustainability imperative drives Embraer's research and development programs, and the potential development of a hydrogen flight demonstrator represents a significant milestone in our technological roadmap towards the future of sustainable aviation. It is a pleasure to have GKN Aerospace as a partner on this technological journey with us," commented Luís Carlos Affonso, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology Development at Embraer.

Russ Dunn, Chief Technology Officer at GKN Aerospace, added that "taking this pioneering technology to the next level requires unprecedented collaboration within the industry, as exemplified by our partnership with Embraer, as well as combining the aerospace ecosystems' expertise from our countries and government support."

GKN Aerospace's flagship hydrogen exploration program, H2Gear, focuses on the development of a highly efficient liquid hydrogen propulsion system specifically designed for subregional aircraft.

This collaboration between Embraer and GKN Aerospace represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable aviation solutions. By pooling their expertise, resources, and government support, they are poised to make substantial progress in the development of hydrogen technologies that will contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly aviation industry.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting partnership as Embraer and GKN Aerospace continue to drive innovation and shape the future of aerospace technology.

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