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Lufthansa to remove some Airbus A380s from storage

Since the beginning of 2022, the German Lufthansa has been somewhat erratic about the decision to operate its Airbus A380 Super Jumbo and remove them from storage. This is due to delays in the deliveries of new double-aisle aircraft and the growing passenger demand for the airline on long-haul flights. At the beginning of this year, the CEO of Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, announced the possibility of returning the Airbus A380 to operations to attend the next summer season. However, the chances were low, now consideration is being given to removing at least three units from storage to cope with its high-density flights. According to the Simple Flying portal, and in a statement by a spokesman for the German airline that he made to this medium, he commented that they could at least reactivate three A380s to start operating them at the beginning of next summer. The number of units withdrawn from deep storage at Teruel Airport (TEV), Spain, could progressively reach up to 5 units, while Lufthansa observes and forecasts the behavior of flight demand, however this is not yet confirmed. Lufthansa had 14 units of the Super Jumbo in deep storage at the airports of Teruel, Spain and Tarbes Lourdes (LDE), in France. The airline sent them almost permanently withdrawn due to the low demand for flights (null), during the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic; in fact, he planned to never use them again, since the forecasts were not encouraging after the pandemic. But the fact that the manufacturer Boeing has been delayed in the deliveries of the Boeing 777X, Lufthansa is forced to take control of its assets of which it currently only has eight A380 owned by the Lufthansa Group, since the rest of the aircraft ( six), were sold to the European manufacturer Airbus. As long as a specific decision has not been made, Lufthansa will have to work all this time before next summer, in the maintenance of the planes to be reactivated and the capacities (qualifications) of their Pilots and crews.

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