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Lufthansa’s New Airspace Cabin Will Launch Tomorrow

German flag carrier Lufthansa is set to launch a new short and medium-haul cabin tomorrow. The new cabin will debut on an Airbus A321neo flight from Frankfurt to Fuerteventura. According to the airline, the new cabin will offer more comfort for passengers and will also be rolled out to Swiss, Brussels Airlines, and Eurowings.

We’ve seen a couple of cabin announcements dotted about this week. For instance, just yesterday, Virgin Atlantic revealed a new leisure area for premium passengers onboard a small sub fleet of its Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. Now it’s Lufthansa’s turn to announce a new cabin with the Airbus A320neo family.

Inside Lufthansa’s new cabin

Lufthansa’s new Airspace cabin is set to offer more comfort for passengers in a couple of different ways. Firstly, it will offer far more storage for baggage. According to the airline, bigger overhead bins allow passengers to store 40% more luggage than the airline’s current A321neo cabin. Interestingly, cabin-sized bags can be placed on their sides in the bins, meaning that 60% more bags can be stored in the containers.

Changes also targetted at passengers

However, the improvements aren’t only aimed at inanimate objects. Several changes have also been targeted at passengers traveling with the airline. These start at the front of the cabin. Firstly, the airline has modified the aircraft’s entrance area to be “brighter and friendlier”.

In terms of lighting, the aircraft is equipped with different colored lights that range from a warm red to a cold blue. These will change throughout the flight to adapt to a passenger’s biorhythm depending on the time of day or night.

Finally, improvements have also been made to improve comfort for passengers while they are sat in their seats. According to Lufthansa, the cabin wall has been modified to mean that passengers have more space for their shoulders if they are sat in a window seat. The seats remain in a 3-3 configuration.

“For us, premium means providing high-quality, individualized and relevant offers for all our passengers at all times. With the new Airspace Cabin, we are significantly improving the travel experience on short-haul routes.”

As mentioned, the first Lufthansa flight with the new cabin will operate tomorrow from Frankfurt to Fuerteventura. Lufthansa only has one flight scheduled on the route tomorrow. LH1534 is due to depart from the airline’s stronghold at 09:30. After four hours and 35 minutes, the A321neo is expected to arrive on the Spanish holiday island. Due to the longer flight time, passengers are likely to be appreciative of the additional comfort.

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