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Lufthansa announces order for GE9X and GE90 engines to power its cargo fleet

Lufthansa Group announced on Sunday an order for a combined total of 18 GE9X and GE90 engines to power its fleet of Boeing 777 cargo planes.

Lufthansa recently announced the purchase of Boeing 777-8 Freighters and Boeing 777 Freighters aircraft to improve its cargo fleet. The engine order includes 14 GE9X engines and four GE90 engines.

“We continue to invest in more fuel-efficient, quieter and more economical aircraft and engines that emit significantly less CO2,” said Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. "This purchase of GE engines allows us to drive the modernization of our fleet with premium products that enable greater operational efficiency, as well as lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

"The GE9X is the most powerful aero engine ever and will bring up to 10% improvement in specific fuel consumption compared to the GE90-115B. Like all GE commercial engines, both the GE9X and GE90 are compatible with any approved sustainable aviation fuel.

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