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LATAM commits to eliminate all single-use plastics by 2023

LATAM Airlines announced that it will eliminate 100% of single-use plastics used in its operations by 2023 through initiatives such as changing materials on board, incorporating more sustainable elements, and the group's recycling and reuse programs.

Gradual changes have been implemented to date within the units. As of June 1, all international flights have reusable bags to cover the rest items in the Premium Business cabin.

In the Economy cabin, important changes will be announced in the coming weeks in the materiality of all the elements of the service (glasses, cutlery, trays), replacing them with reusable and/or recyclable materials. In the short term, the initiative will make it possible to eliminate more than 1,000 tons of single-use plastics, equivalent to 36,000 500ml plastic bottles.

For its part, LATAM Cargo is implementing five pilot projects with which it is expected to reduce the use of plastic in cargo operations by more than 60%. An initiative stands out that aims to replace the plastic that wraps the load with reusable blankets or waterproof covers.

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