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Joby Aviation Receives FAA Certification for Electric Aircraft Production Prototype

Joby Aviation, a leading innovator in the development of electric aircraft, has reached a significant milestone with the receipt of the Special Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA. This certification paves the way for the flight testing of their first production prototype, marking a major step forward in their journey towards scalable production.

In an exciting development, Joby's eVTOL aircraft will be the first of its kind to be delivered to a customer when it is transferred to the Edwards Air Force Base in 2024. It will be operated by Joby as part of the company's Agility Prime contract with the U.S. Air Force, valued at approximately $131 million.

JoeBen Bevirt, Founder and CEO of Joby, expressed his pride in this achievement, stating that it is the culmination of years of investment in their processes and technology. He also acknowledged the crucial role played by Toyota in the design, production, and assembly of the aircraft. Joby's partnership with Toyota has been instrumental in reaching this significant milestone.

The commencement of production at their California facility was celebrated by Tetsuo Ogawa, CEO of Toyota Motor North America, who recognized Toyota's contributions to the development of Joby's Pilot Production Line and the assembly of their innovative aircraft. Over a thousand guests and team members gathered at Joby's Marina facility to commemorate this important moment.

With plans to commence commercial operations with passengers in 2025, Joby has recently partnered with Delta Air Lines to provide seamless, emission-free travel to and from airports for Delta's customers. This collaboration further solidifies Joby's position as a pioneer in the electric aviation industry, offering sustainable and efficient air transportation solutions for the future.

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