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Japan Airlines to Renew Fleet with 21 Boeing 737-8 Planes for Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability

Japan Airlines (JAL) will renew its fleet with 21 Boeing 737-8 planes, which will allow the airline to strengthen its national and regional network as passenger traffic continues to recover to pre-pandemic levels. The introduction of these aircraft into JAL's fleet is expected to begin in 2026.

"We are delighted to select the Boeing 737-8, a member of the latest 737 MAX family, to replace our Boeing 737-800s, which make up the majority of the JAL Group's fleet. We look forward to transporting our passengers with the utmost safety and comfort, and to achieving our carbon neutrality goals for 2050," said Yuji Akasaka, JAL President.

He explained that the 737 MAX will provide greater range and fuel efficiency, reducing both fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 15% compared to the planes being replaced by the airline. Additionally, it is a quieter plane, creating a significantly lower noise footprint than the planes it is replacing.

The 737 MAX family features the latest CFM International LEAP-1B engines, advanced technology winglets, and other aerodynamic improvements to enhance performance. More than 50 airlines worldwide operate over 900 737 MAX planes, which have completed over 1.4 million revenue flights with a total of more than 3.5 million flight hours since late 2020.

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