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"It is not possible to promise that there will be no more failures": FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA) reported a series of failures in its systems in recent months. And it is that, at the beginning of January, the FAA suspended flights for the first time since 9/11, paralyzing air traffic for two hours, after several computer failures. Added to this ruling, several incidents were reported from the control towers at the New York and Austin (Texas) airports that endangered the lives of hundreds of people after almost colliding when they were preparing to take off. In this sense, Billy Nolen, head of the FAA, assured that the Agency has taken measures to prevent new incidents from occurring, also coinciding that during the same month two planes were less than 30 meters away from colliding, after a technological error in the Austin airport control tower. Despite the fact that measures are being taken, from the Federal Administration they assure that "it cannot be promised that another failure will not occur". Nolen has wanted to defend the safety of air travel in the United States, coinciding with the recent incidents that occurred during these months at the John F. Kennedy airport in New York, in Austin and on the coast of Hawaii. Specific meetings are taking place with a team of experts to review the safety of US airlines. Despite these statements, Nolen wanted to reassure the Chamber by recalling that, despite technological failures, a catastrophe has not occurred. In this sense, the acting administrator of the FAA has indicated that there had not been a fatal plane accident in the United States since 2009. As for the modernization of US aircraft systems itself, Nolan stressed that, from the FAA, "work is being done to meet the challenges in maintaining our systems while we keep up with new and emerging technologies and participants. . And it is that part of the US aviation NOTAM system is 30 years old, although most airline flights use a more recent system. “We are committed to improving and securing our systems, finding new ways to be agile in meeting these challenges, and continuing to achieve the highest levels of security and efficiency,” he said.

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