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IndiGo loses its CEO

IndiGo airlines has announced that its CEO Ronojoy Dutta will be stepping down in September. The company has already approached Pieter Elbers, KLM's Chief Executive to take the job.

IndiGo is recognized not only for being the largest airline in India, but number 6 worldwide when we talk about total passenger volume, hence the importance of the company in the sector. In one of its recent moves and to demonstrate its vision for global growth, IndiGo has ordered 69 Airbus A321XLR units to join its family.

Ronojoy Dutta, 71, has been in charge of the airline since 2019, without a doubt a period full of complications derived from Covid-19 and that in his resume he has important experiences such as having been Vice President and President of United Airlines between 1995 and 2002.

For his part, Pieter Elbers, 52, has held various management positions at KLM, both in the Netherlands, as well as in Japan, Greece, and Italy. Elbers has mentioned that he is very excited to take the position and to add his effort to the great history of the company that, in just 16 years, has grown enormously.

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