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ICAO is clear: connectivity with strategy for a prosperous future

Last week ended the 2022 Innovation Fair held by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) at its headquarters located in Montreal, Canada. Companies such as Airbus, Bombardier, Frequentis, Airmobile and Nuctech, among many others, gathered to present their mobility proposals for the future and understand the regulatory challenges that these entail. Drones, autonomous vehicles, electric aircraft, automated airport surveillance systems. These are just some of the examples of the ideas exhibited at the fair. After the event, four things are clear: 1. The key word was, is and will be connectivity. Regardless of what type of software is developed, what vehicle is designed or what airport is built, increasing the level and quality of connectivity throughout the world is what motivates manufacturers in the sector. 2.

Urban air mobility is getting closer. It sounds crazy, but the reality is that this technology already exists and is already flying. What is missing to be able to see it in our day to day is only time, since it is necessary that the corresponding organizations establish the rules of the game for this new technology. 3.

Competition is the tool that will allow development. The only way for the proposals that are implemented to be the most accurate and efficient is by comparing them with each other. Maintaining the competitive spirit in the sector will be crucial. It will be interesting to see how the technological proposals fight each other seeking to gain hierarchy in the market. 4. ICAO has and is already implementing a strategy to keep new and better ideas emerging. Everything is in combining the experience of large companies with the talent and inventiveness of young people who are just beginning to venture into the sector. In summary In a coherent movement, fostering an environment of competition, Secretary General Juan Carlos Salazar announced the 2022 ICAO Innovation Contest. A contest aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students. Both the authority and the developers have a very high level of openness to continue listening and analyzing proposals. We understand that ICAO is aware of and remains firm in its efforts to achieve the compromise agreed upon in October last year. A sustainable and zero emission aviation for the year 2050.

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