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Iberia presented its new cabins for the Airbus A350

Iberia recently received two new Airbus A350-900 with the particularity that they had incomplete cabins, in the front part they did not have Business Class, only some tourist seats that were not sold, to balance the weight of the plane, for which they operated flights offering only Economy class. Many will wonder what kind of business is that? Well, not a very good one, of course, but delays in the delivery of the seats for the plane put them in the dilemma between continuing to wait or temporarily operating them that way. Among these aircraft was the 500th A350 which features improvements such as weight reduction, new winglets and more lateral space in the passenger cabin. Other enhanced features of the aircraft are new flap positions that allow the pilot to select the ideal setting for any takeoff, as well as better low-speed lift; the landing gear retracts faster thus offering less aerodynamic drag, and improvements in construction that allowed weight reduction, which offers the possibility of carrying more payload or fuel. And finally, Iberia is installing the new cabins on its planes and expects to receive more new A350 planes already with the new cabins installed, which it will be installing on the previous planes, especially the new Business that has individual seats with doors for greater privacy. , as well as new Premium Economy seats with "wings" at head height, which also gives passengers greater privacy. The first aircraft with the new cabins was its 16th A350 which has the registration EC-NXC, and the highlight, of course, are the new Business Class suites with longer seats, all with a sliding door for more privacy, screen larger entertainment, wood-like finishes and larger spaces for personal belongings. Each seat has its number illuminated on the side wall to make it easier to locate them when the plane is dark during the flight. Center area seats that go together have a divider that can be automatically removed if passengers are traveling together. Premium Economy class now also offers more space and more privacy, thanks to the enveloping structure of the new seats, which also have articulated headrests that fold on either side of the head for better support. Each seat includes an entertainment remote control with a touch-sensitive navigation panel and specific gaming features.

Lastly, and taking advantage of the greater width of the cabin space, thanks to the redesign of the walls, the Economy class seats are now 1 cm wider and have 12-inch high-definition screens instead of 10. , and have a support for personal devices, USB charging port and electrical connectors. Here, too, the headrests are hinged on both sides.

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