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Iberia debuts its new A350 Next on the Madrid-Buenos Aires route

Flight IB6845 from Madrid to Buenos Aires yesterday was the first flight scheduled for a new Iberia A350 Next aircraft model, with registration EC-NXE and named Ciudad de Quito, in which the 352 passengers on board received a pleasant surprise : the gift of state-of-the-art wireless headphones from Panasonic, as well as an 'amenity kit' specially designed for all cabins on this flight, and a cocktail created as part of the service. Iberia has been the first airline to receive the A350 with the new Airbus standard, which has operational improvements, while offering greater comfort, privacy and spaciousness in all cabins. This aircraft is part of a new standard from the manufacturer Airbus of which Iberia has been the launch customer and, furthermore, it is the first to be equipped with the new Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins. Greater operational efficiency This aircraft, which has the new Airbus standard -specifically the 4, 2022 standard- and incorporates improvements that increase its operational efficiency and customer comfort, since its cabins are wider. It is a new generation aircraft, equipped with the latest technology and designed to fly with maximum efficiency, it is built with the most sustainable materials on the market. In addition to this, the weight of the aircraft has been reduced by one ton through structural improvements and lighter equipment, which increases its efficiency and also contributes significantly to improving its performance at the most demanding airports from an operational point of view. and colloquially known as hot & high. It also incorporates improvements in behavior at low speed. Specifically, they have new flap positions that allow the pilot to select the most optimal configuration for each takeoff; and the retraction of the landing gear is faster, so that the airplane can reach a configuration that presents less aerodynamic resistance sooner. This new generation of A350 has 6 different lighting environments -wake up, meal, relax, sleep, boarding, take-off and landing-, which provide the appropriate ambient lighting for each moment of the journey in all cabins. The airline has chosen Argentina as the first country in Latin America to launch these aircraft on its regular flights between Madrid and Buenos Aires and, over the next few weeks, they will gradually join other airline routes in Latin America.

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