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How will the airlines survive the debt?

Little by little, the threatening presence of COVID-19 is fading, but the consequences are still very present. Like many markets, the aviation industry was forced to acquire debt to maintain operations and not disappear, which today implies a significant challenge for the companies that comprise it.

In the specific case of Europe, a challenging year is projected, focused on the effort to pay or begin to pay these commitments.

Industry leaders have weighed in on the matter and agree that this solution was thought through and analyzed in detail and proved to be the viable way to keep their operations afloat. A single and inevitable path.

Although the Covid-19 has been losing ground, the reality is that the economic recovery has been slow and the industry is still in a rut from which it has not been able to take off. The recovery analysis will be seen at the end of the year in the meantime, the reactivation of both recreational and industrial trips is trusted.

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