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How SAF can become a direct competitor to conventional fuel

SAF, or Sustainable Aviation Fuel, is one of the main options for industry operators when it comes to renewable energies. This within a scenario that becomes increasingly tangible, and above all, indispensable.

Although the SAF has been approved as a solution that really helps reduce carbon emissions, it is much more expensive than conventional fuel, which has not allowed it to position itself as an option of choice in the market.

At the current rate, the forecast is that the SAF will absorb barely 2% of the total market by the middle of the current decade. To give a clear example, the average cost of regular fuel is $0.5 per liter, while that of SAF is $1.1, more than double.

The factor that will make the difference, according to specialists, is the upward trend in the cost of conventional fuels, added to the costs generated by its use against those with low emissions.

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