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Greek Sky Express ATR-42 Rolls Off Of Runway Into Ditch

An incident occurred at Naxos airport on July 12, 2019, when a Sky Express ATR-42-500 rolled off the runway. The main gear stopped in a ditch and the aircraft suffered extensive damage.

What happened?

Naxos Airport is a small airport with limited taxiways. As a result, when aircraft depart, they have to backtrack on the runway for departure.

A Sky Express ATR-42-500 bound for Athens prepared to depart from Naxos. According to the Aviation Herald, the aircraft rolled back to make available as much runway as possible for departure. However, the main gear slipped off the runway into a ditch with the tail on the ground.

The fuselage settled at the end of the runway and the front wheel was still on the pavement. Here are some images of the aircraft