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Germany's Aeronautical Market Recovery Hindered by Low-Cost Airlines' Departure

The recovery of Germany's aeronautical market will be affected after low-cost airlines announced their departure from the country's market. According to a report by the Federal Association of the German Aeronautical Industry (BDL), the available flight offerings for the summer will be equivalent to 82% of what was offered during the same period in 2019.

Companies such as Ryanair and Wizz Air moved their business from the German market to other countries due to the high costs in Germany, especially with regards to air traffic taxes, air traffic control fees, and security controls. Another reason for their departure is the uneven distribution of the total of 128.6 million available seats from April to September on flights from, to, and within Germany.

In this regard, flights to the North African and Levant region (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco) reflect 103% capacity, compared to four years ago. Meanwhile, connections with Europe are at 97% of the value compared to pre-coronavirus levels.

As for domestic flights, they only reach 54% of pre-crisis levels, according to information from Tourinews.

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